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4A Nottage Road

Meadows SA 5201

4A Nottage Road, Meadows, SA, 5201

A Rare Opportunity

Work from home or set up a new business in the fast growing area of meadows.
Within walking distance to the main street.
Set on a 920 sqm allotment, 3 phase power to site, flat block.Zoned Local Centre – which means that the following can apply

• A centre accommodating small-scale convenience shopping, office, medical and community facilities to serve the local community.
• A centre characterised by traditional corner stores or small groups of shops located within easy walking distance of the population they serve.
• A centre accommodating residential development in conjunction with non-residential development.
• Development that contributes to the desired character of the zone

The zone distributed across the Callington, Echunga, Littlehampton, Kanmantoo, Macclesfield, Meadows
and Nairne townships and the Wellington Road area within Mount Barker.

The zone will accommodate small scale shopping and service uses which meet the day to-day needs of
residents. Development within the centres will not threaten the role of the Regional Town Centre or the
Neighbourhood Centre Zones as the primary service centres within their respective townships, and will be
Compatible with the adjoining residential zones.
The maximum gross leasable floor area of a shop or group
Of shops should be in the order of 450 square metres.
Pattern of Development and Public Realm
The size of allotments should accommodate appropriate landscaping, car parking, vehicle access, noise
attenuation, waste collection and other requirements as identified.
Built Form
Buildings and structures that adjoin residential zones will be low in scale in order to be compatible with
adjacent residential development.
Land Use
The following forms of development are envisaged in the zone:
Community facility
Consulting room
Office and dwelling
Shop or group of shops with a maximum gross leasable floor area in the order of 450 square
Shop and dwelling.
Local Centre Zone
Residential development and development comprising a variety of residential and non-residential uses
should only be undertaken if such development does not prejudice the operation of existing or future
retail activity within the zone.
Form and Character
Development should not be undertaken unless it is consistent with the desired character for the zone
Dwellings should be located only behind or above non-residential uses on the same allotment.
Land Division
Land division should result in allotments that will achieve all of the following:
(a) A size and shape suitable for the intended use of the land
(b) Where an allotment is to be created without connection to mains water supply, a sufficient
catchment to harvest and store the water necessary to meet the needs of the intended land use
(c) Where an allotment is to be created without connection to sewer or a Community Wastewater
Management Scheme, a sufficient area for an approved waste disposal system.
Complying Development
Complying developments are prescribed in schedule 4 of the Development Regulations 2008
In addition, the following forms of development (except where the development is non-complying) are
Advertisements and/or advertising hoardings that comply with the conditions contained in Table MtB/4 -
decision guidelines for Advisement’s except for State and Local Heritage Places and where located
within a Historic conservation Area.
A change of use to a shop, office, consulting room or any combination of these uses where all of the
following are achieved:
(a) The area to be occupied by the proposed development is located in an existing building and is
currently used as a shop, office, consulting room or any combination of these uses
(b) The building is not a State heritage place
(c) It will not involve any alterations or additions to the external appearance of a local heritage place as
viewed from a public road or public space
(d) If the proposed change of use is for a shop that primarily involves the handling and sale of
foodstuffs, it achieves either (i) or (ii):
(i) All of the following:
(A) Areas used for the storage and collection of refuse are sited at least 10 metres from any
Residential Zone boundary or a dwelling (other than a dwelling directly associated with
the proposed shop)
(B) If the shop involves the heating and cooking of foodstuffs in a commercial kitchen and is
within 30 metres of any Residential Zone boundary or a dwelling (other than a dwelling
directly associated with the proposed shop), an exhaust duct and stack (chimney) exists
or is capable of being installed for discharging exhaust emissions
Local Centre Zone

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